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Refund Policy - If you are unable to attend, please notify Interesting Conversations 24 hours prior to the event so we can release your RSVP to the waiting list.  You can then use your tickets at any future Interesting Conversation by contacting us when you want to apply them.



What is a “Conversation”?  Interesting Conversations brings outstanding speakers/facilitators together with lifelong learners or simply curious individuals to share their expertise and passion on a wide range of topics through conversation (rather than lectures). 


This is about a lively interaction and sharing of ideas, observations and opinions through participation, questions, sharing experiences and insights. Please follow and like  our Interesting Conversations Facebook page for updates and supplementary materials on upcoming topics.

Make new friends, enjoy stimulating conversation, munchies and beverages - all for the price of a movie ticket.  We provide munchies, coffee, tea, soda and water (or bring a beverage of your choice).


Your tax deductible donation helps build the non-profit's educational award fund.

2/14/20:  "Tamalewood" - New Mexico's Film Industry

The New Mexico film industry has grown and changed dramatically over the past 30 years.  The state's citizens and lawmakers have struggled to understand the industry and lend appropriate support.  You've read the paper - now hear the full story.  From a handful of filmmakers to an expanding crew base - the addition of soundstages from Garson Studios to The Q Studios, expanding filmmaking education at CNM and UNM - from tax rebates to State investments.  It's a big picture.  Do we understand it?  Is it good for New Mexico?

Charlie O'Dowd will facilitate this conversation.  He has worked in the New Mexico film industry since 1987 with a focus on management (Producer, Unit Production Manager, First Assistant Director...).  He started in New Mexico film on "Sparks" in 1987 with Victoria Principal - worked on the film incentives with Governors Johnson and Richardson and is a member of the Directors Guild of America.  Early on he worked on Young Guns II and City Slickers and ending on Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.  He teaches in the CNM Film Tech Program.  Versatile to the core, Charlie filled his schedule between films working as a floor director for ESPN Sports, as a segment field producer for NBC, CBS, ABC, and Entertainment Tonight and is an award winning audio book narrator, having narrated 83 novels.


Register online ($15) by the day prior to the conversation at: and reserve your seat, munchies and beverage.  (We'll supply diet and non-diet sodas, coffee, tea and water - you're free to bring your own beverage if you desire).

Onsite registration day of the conversation 5:15 – 5:55 PM.  (Conversation begins at 6pm).  

417 Adams Street SE.

Come out and participate in this Interesting Conversation.


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About Interesting Conversations

Interesting Conversations is a non-profit with the educational mission to make learning fun.


We strive to bring outstanding speakers/facilitators together with lifelong learners to share their expertise and passion through conversation, rather than a traditional lecture.  This is about interaction and sharing.  


We cover a wide range of topics and nothing you need to prepare for (but you’re most welcome to use any advance materials and links we may provide through our Facebook Page:  Interesting Conversations


Tax deductible admission fees to "Interesting Conversations" events goes towards the speaker, overhead, and supporting an award fund.  The fund will reward advances in transmissible teaching/learning/thinking/sharing techniques and technologies.

We propose that  an informed, thoughtful, engaged populace is the best hope for a wiser future. Thank you for helping us to work towards that. 

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