We are migrating to online conversations on Science and Medicine and eventually will return to live, in-person conversations.  In the mean time checkout:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQ92A1Knl_M


What is a “Conversation”?  Interesting Conversations brings outstanding speakers/facilitators together with lifelong learners or simply curious individuals to share their expertise and passion on a wide range of topics through conversation (rather than lectures). 


This is about a lively interaction and sharing of ideas, observations and opinions through participation, questions, sharing experiences and insights. Please follow and like  our Interesting Conversations Facebook page for updates and supplementary materials on upcoming topics.

Make new friends and enjoy stimulating.


Your tax deductible donation helps build the non-profit's educational award fund.

Collective Human Intelligence (the "Hive Mind" and more!)

Due to Coronavirus, Interesting Conversations is moving from live group onconversations to Zoom web-based conversations.


Friday January 29th 7pm we will be zooming on the topic of Collective Human Intelligence (the "Hive Mind") - Creation?  Benefits? What is it? Do I have?

When we're in a group we can become different from who we are as an individual. This is possible due to becoming anonymous in group. This makes you capable of doing good - bad - even bizarre behavior.

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Upcoming Conversations

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Lie to Me (Round Two Neuro Cognition)


Going Green

Speculative Poetry


About Interesting Conversations

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Interesting Conversations is a non-profit with the educational mission to make learning fun.


We strive to bring outstanding speakers/facilitators together with lifelong learners to share their expertise and passion through conversation, rather than a traditional lecture.  This is about interaction and sharing.  


We cover a wide range of topics and nothing you need to prepare for (but you’re most welcome to use any advance materials and links we may provide through our Facebook Page:  Interesting Conversations


Tax deductible admission fees to "Interesting Conversations" events goes towards the speaker, overhead, and supporting an award fund.  The fund will reward advances in transmissible teaching/learning/thinking/sharing techniques and technologies.

We propose that  an informed, thoughtful, engaged populace is the best hope for a wiser future. Thank you for helping us to work towards that. 

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