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3/8/19 Leverage the Power of Your Influence

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Every person is gifted with talents, uniqueness, and purpose – the ingredients to live in abundance with freedom and fulfillment.”

Susan Swofford, Managing Director of Core Advantage LLC will facilitate this conversation. "It’s a conversation starting point... Sadly, many I’ve spoken with in my more than two decades of mentoring and coaching have been functioning outside their natural excellence, living in roles and working in positions that don’t support the person they were created to be."

Susan Swafford is an USAF Veteran, international speaker and owner of CORE Advantage, LLC. As a seasoned coach in leadership and personal development, Susan speaks to a wide variety of audiences to help them gain precision insight of their core traits and equip them to unleash their potential.

With more than two decades of public speaking, Susan has learned the power of using her authentic voice to connect and engage with listeners around the world. Whether it be inmates in a local jail or a prison in Africa; a local business workshop or a conference in Cuba; a customized leadership development presentation for a company or a personalized plan for an entrepreneur, Susan has learned to use her voice to make an intentional impact and invites you to do the same

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