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7/12/2019 Memory Palace

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Before there was internet, before there were typewriters, before there was even carbon paper, there was … Memory. Socrates worried that written books would cause students’ memories to weaken and atrophy. How did they learn Homer’s works, Pythagorean proofs, and their own history? One of the most reliable methods was “The Method of Loci” or “the Memory Palace,” still used by memory champions today.

Our facilitator is Johnny Hutton. His background is unique and diverse, enlisting in the Navy at the age of 17 and became a member in the Navy Seal Teams as a Diver and a collateral duty of basic trauma medic by the age of 21. He graduated with honors with a BS in Emergency Medical Services from the University of New Mexico, while working various jobs such as contracting, Paramedic, personal trainer, and even a bounty hunter. Amid his academic goals he describes one of his biggest accomplishments as finding his beautiful wife Lorena. In current day he is in graduate school at UNM, starting his second semester as a PhD Candidate in Biomedical Engineering. Along the way he has learned many unique skills and tricks he would like to share.

For our talk this Friday he is excited to show a technique of memorizing an abundance of things (even absurdly mundane) extremely easy and extremely fast… “In-fact you’ll realize, you already do it naturally.”

If you’d like to be able to quickly and easily memorize information which may not lend itself to patterns and Mnemonics, John Hutton would like to share this skill with you with this conversation.

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