3/22/19 Why do we get along with some & others drive us crazy?

Research shows there are 4 types of predictable, behavioral styles in our workplaces and in our personal lives. Some of these styles make us crazy and others we thoroughly enjoy. The intent of this Interesting Conversation is to understand why that is and what we can do to create more productive, effective relationships.

Our expert facilitator for this interesting conversation, Keri Stewart, is engaging, energetic, enthusiastic, and has a passion helping others plan, set and reach goals they did not realize they could. Keri Stewart, founder of Results 4 Business, loves creating and enjoying gorgeous, peaceful gardens in her backyard. This love for growing translates well into her profession…growing and cultivating leaders and their teams. Since 2004, she is a certified and successful business coach; international, award winning facilitator, who has trained and coached tens of thousands of employees at all levels. She specializes in creating cohesive operational plans from the corner office to the front line. Her personal and professional training programs range from polishing presenters to become compelling and memorable, improving communication, increasing sales, boosting employee productivity and elevating customer service. She helps her clients get rid of the distractions, gain crystal clear focus on what is important and quickly zeroes in on where they can make the biggest results happen personally and professionally. Some of her clients include Colliers, Stewart Title, Sandia National Labs, US Bank, and Acoma Business Enterprises. She is one of Albuquerque Business First's 2018 Women of Influence, Keri Stewart.